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About the Publisher

 John Wayne Samples brings a variety of life experiences to his writing and how he can color stories when addressing groups, small and large. His roots in journalism — including radio, TV, and newspaper — honed his ability to look objectively at issues and opportunities.
     In politics and lobbying, he learned how the 'system' works, with its flaws and beauty; his thirteen years in the electric utility industry sharpened his business skills and encouraged his heart for community involvement; his years in ministry have taken him from the inner city of Indianapolis to the impoverished fields of southern Ukraine, and from serving the homeless in emergency shelters to serving the minorities in the complicated world of the Holy Lands.
     The opportunities to speak in churches and civic groups from coast to coast have expanded his knowledge of our social cultures in this country and increased his appreciation for the diversity and inclusion that God has called us to since Old Testament times.
     John is blessed with two grown children, a grandson, and the bride of his youth with whom he has shared these and other journeys since 1974.

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