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Welcome to
a site for sore hearts 

JSam Communications is a family-based publishing home of books, articles, audio/video presentations,
and other samples of the Samples. We believe in redemption, reconciliation, and remembering.
Our hopes are for the future; our memories are for today.

The Father, The Son, & The Brother's Ghost book cover
Zona Samples Collected Works book cover
angel flying too close to the ground
JSamPlays dramas, sketches, and plays
Life Is book cover with a rose
E Joyce Samples with Corri Elvira
Scott Butler's Journal book cover
John C Samples in Jerusalem
John C Samples preaching
John Chapman Samples

A Collection of sermons and more from his life of service and ministering across the country and around the world.

John C was
just a few months
from turning
91 years-old
when he delivered this stirring communion meditation on Easter 2024


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My passion for female reproductive health + fertility care was first birthed many years ago when I realized that my husband and I were dealing with fertility challenges.

Shortly after getting married in 2012, I decided to go back to school to become a holistic health coach. I was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of sixteen, and because of that experience, I found myself interested in whole-body wellness. After years of becoming more in tune with my body, I learned that my seizures ...

J Bobbi Samples

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The "J" is for the Jewel of us all

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