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Born in 1902 in Lee County, Zona Chapman grew up on Bear Creek near Beattyville and Canyon Falls, Kentucky. Here she learned of country ways and, thanks to some Missionary school workers, she also heard the luring call of higher thoughts early in life. That led her to write at an early age—one of the most moving pieces collected here was written when she was only 17—and she continued to write and influence and color her world with words until the day she died.


Her son and grandson gathered, edited, and produced this together.

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Scott's Journal



When you connect with one of your best friends from 30+ years ago and it's just in time to walk with him through the death process, you feel like you have to do something when he's gone. This is what John did. Using Scott's own words, and with notes from their frequent lunches and additional thoughts from his wife Jane, Scott's Journal chronicles the last three years of Scott Butler's life, and what his friends expressed about him in Memorium.  

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