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John Wayne Samples

John W. Samples (JSam) is a Preacher's Kid. His Dad's name is John "C." Samples, which is why he goes by John Wayne or "W" or JSam.

As a PK, JSam has been around real-life church dramas all his life. But those are different from the dramas on this website.

The sketches in JSamPlays are funny and tragic and emotional and life-changing; sometimes very meaningful and sometimes very silly...

Jesse, e91st Christmas 2002.

Playing "Jesse" in East 91st Street Christian Church's Bethlehem Village, Christmas 2002 (L) and 2003 (above)

On second thought, maybe these are pretty close to real-life.

JSam has played around with theatre, both inside and outside the church--writing, directing and acting--since he was a kid.

He began his drama ministry in 1988 when he was asked to lead a troupe at Traders Point Christian Church in Indianapolis. 

The troupe became known as A.C.T.S. or Abiding Christian Theatrical Players.

ACTS grew into a nurture group as much as a dramatic troupe, meeting at least weekly for prayer, encouragement, drama training, concept sharing and rehearsals.

The ministry soon settled on a focus of doing sketches -- 5 to 8 minutes each -- for Sunday morning and mid-week services.

Most of these sketches are designed to set-up a problem or issue which would then be addressed by a minister or another element in the worship service.

Most are contemporary in nature.

Most have at least some comedic aspects.

You will find exceptions to each of these, but this should give you a general indication of what to expect.




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